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Cosmetic Formulation | Professional Cosmetic Formulators at Your Service

Biddiscombe’s skilled cosmetic formulators can assure you, creating the next great product is not quite as easy as pouring just two lotions together. To create a quality formulation of cosmetics, key decisions must be made first. You’re in luck as our experts have created the ultimate checklist in cosmetic formulation. READ MORE

Private Label

Private Label

Private labeling an existing sunless tanning product of Biddiscombe may be the answer for you. The product development phase is already done and the durability of the products is well established. READ MORE

Skincare Resources

Skin Care Resources

Skin care manufacturing resources including articles, documents and web links. We are constantly updating this area, so check back often! READ MORE



Read our Biddiscombe client and customer testimonials on contract manufacturing of personal and skincare products. READ MORE

About Biddiscombe International

About Us

A brief introduction to the boutique manufacturing facilities of Biddiscombe Labs, including its first product line, some of its staff and plant capabilities. READ MORE

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I really hate BS

People deserve honesty. All too often the intense desire for market advantage leads to misrepresentation and willful dishonesty.   I think that is far too prevalent amongst spray tan solution manufacturers. Is it likely that any manufacturer is not aware of the Ecocert statement that came out … MORE

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FDA Authority Over Cosmetics

The two most important laws pertaining to cosmetics marketed in the United States are the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act(FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA). FDA regulates cosmetics under the authority of these laws. In the United States, federal laws are enacted by … MORE

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Fragrances in Cosmetics

Many products we use every day contain fragrances. Some of these products are regulated as cosmetics by FDA. Some belong to other product categories and are regulated differently, depending on how the product is intended to be used. Here is information about fragrances that people often ask … MORE